Les Mills Born To Move

Les Mills BORN TO MOVE is a brand new fitness and dance series for children and teens, that plugs young people into their innate need to move, and the joy, vitality and self-esteem that comes with it. 

Even before we were born we were gymnasts, yogis and martial artists. We could kick, punch, stretch and turn somersaults. We could even respond to music. With a bit more room we might have danced. Les Mills BORN TO MOVE is a fun new fitness program created by and for young people, using music, movement and the power of group fitness to boost energy and increase skill level.

Les Mills and Uptown Bounce are two kiwi businesses that are truly passionate about getting kiwi kids moving. That's why we have decided to join forces to bring you Les Mills BORN TO MOVE® on trampolines. Childhood obesity is on the rise, young eyes are increasingly glued to screens and fitness levels are dwindling. Sport is not always for everyone and exciting alternatives are needed. Exercise that is fun and keeps kids engaged is the secret to keeping our kids happy and healthy. Uptown Bounce has the fun part sorted, but we wanted to partner with Les Mills to offer something more. By learning basic movement patterns in a safe environment, along with great music, kids will gain confidence and feel empowered.

2-4 Years @ Grey LYNN

Imaginative, exploration and movement to music. In this 30 or 45-minute class the music is specially written for the class and instructions are sung as lyrics. This means you and your child will sing and dance your way through a series of simple moves that build body awareness and balance. The class is led by a highly trained teacher who knows how to coach the best from each child while inspiring a love of movement and having a whole heap of fun.

5-7 Years @ AVONDALE

The class introduces fundamental movement skills, but does so using fun rather than formal exercise routines. Children of this age are primarily visual learners so the instructor puts lots of emphasis on demonstrating moves that they can easily copy. the simple choreography trains body awareness, balance, coordination and control. The content is co-created with young people and music is drawn from their world. Classes run for 30-45 minutes.

8-12 Years @ AVONDALE

The class is around 30-45 minutes long and the time will fly by as your instructor shows you how to do a whole lot of cool moves from dance, martial arts and yoga. It's all set to great music and even includes a few games to keep things interesting. While you're busy having fun you'll also be picking up some awesome new fitness skills. Your instructor will change things around to match your mood and energy levels on the day and you will leave class feeling great.



Wednesday July 26 - Wednesday 27 September

5-7 years: ed 4p - 4:45pm
8-12 years: Wed 5p - 5:45pm

Grey LynN

Tuesday July 25 - Tuesday September 2

2-4 years: Tues 9am - 9:45am

Term: $140
Casual class: $16
45 minute class

*Uptown Bounce Safety socks are compulsory $3.