Uptown Bounce Avondale houses three Olympic Trampolines. Two are perpendicular to different height walls that allow you to Wall Run. Wall Running is a new craze. Beginning is the hard part, but once you get the hang of it you will be hooked as the potential is limitless. The Wall allows you to propel and perform acrobatics. Uptown Bounce Avondale is the first Trampoline Park to house an Olympic Trampoline connected to Air pit. Extreme sports enthusiasts, this the area you practice your new moves before you hit the slopes or track.

The performance area is included in our sessions, so we recommend you book in advance as these sessions book out fast!

Select your location and please ensure to arrive at least 15mins before your time slot to maximise bounce time!

If you experience any issues whilst booking please call us on (09) 378-1839. Currently only available at Avondale and Wellington. 

Performance Area & The Wall Rules

  • Take extra care – trampolines in this area provide superior height & a greater degree of difficulty & risk.

  • Bouncers must be over 125cm in height.

  • Don’t attempt any activity beyond your skill level.

  • Only one person on each trampoline at a time.

  • Don’t bounce or land on the padding – it is there as a safety precaution.

  • Never land on your head or enter the air bag backwards.

  • Squad members monitor safety strictly & their direction must be followed

  • Only stand on top of the wall when you are actively using one of the wall trampolines

  • No climbing or scrambling up the wall – if you can’t ‘run up’, develop your skills in other areas first.

Uptown Bounce cafe on site serving delicious coffee, pizzas, quesadillas, healthy snacks and refreshments.

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