Safety at Uptown bounce

Please understand the risks & take care. Uptown Bounce is an action sports facility where injuries can happen. Like all sports, participants need to decide if the benefits of involvement are worth the risk of injury. Bouncing, rebounding using trampolines creates the risk for potential injury even when being safe. The potential for injury is greatly reduced when you:

  • Bounce within your skill level
  • Follow Uptown Bounce Rules & Guidelines
  • Watch out for other Bouncers

Our rules and guidelines are designed to keep everyone safe and minimise the chance of injury. Rules are shown below in four categories: General Safety Rules (apply to the whole centre), Air Bag Safety Rules, “The Wall” Safety Rules, Slam Dunk rules & Dodgeball game rules. You will also find these rules displayed around Uptown bounce. Please read them carefully and follow them.

Children under 12 must be actively supervised by a caregiver 14 or over. Actively supervised means: watching your child at all times. able to provide immediate assistance.


  • Uptown Bounce safety socks must be worn at all times.
  • Pay attention to advice given by Squad members. They are there to keep you safe.
  • Watch out for other bouncers & always allow mini-bouncers right of way.
  • Only one person on each trampoline at a time. No double bouncing.
  • Safely land on two feet or your bum when bouncing.
  • Don’t attempt any activity beyond your skill level.
  • No double bouncing, wrestling or rough play.
  • No food or drink on or near the trampolines.
  • Don’t bounce or land on padding.
  • No bouncing when under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Air Bag 

  • Two people in the Air pit at one time. 
  • Don’t enter if others are in the way.
  • Never dive head first into the pit.
  • Safely land on your feet, bum or back.
  • Remove all items from pockets.
  • Exit as quickly as you can from the sides.

The Wall

  • The wall is for advanced jumpers only. Uptown Bounce squad members monitor the area strictly.
  • Bouncers must be over 125cm in height.
  • Only one bouncer permitted on each wall trampoline at any time.
  • Ensure no one is on the trampoline bed before jumping off the wall.
  • Only stand on top of the wall when you are actively using one of the wall trampolines.
  • No climbing or scrambling up the wall – if you can’t ‘run up’ develop your skills in other areas first.

Slam Dunk

  • No hanging off the hoop, backboard or support bars.
  • Stay on your track – don’t jump across padding.
  • Only one person on each trampoline at a time.
  • Only attempt dunks within your skill level.


  • Max of 8 players per team.
  • You may deflect a ball being thrown at you by using a ball in your hands.
  • The court referee’s call is final.
  • Once out, exit and wait for the next game.

“You’re out” if:

  • You’re hit by a ‘live ball’
  • You throw a ‘live ball’ that’s caught before it touches the ground or wall.
  • ‘live’ is a ball that has been thrown and not touched anything.
  • You hit someone in the head.
  • You cross or enter the neutral zone.
  • You hold a ball for longer than 10 seconds.


To keep our mini-bouncers safe, Grey Lynn location is exclusive for 5 years and under 9am­- 1pm Monday to Friday *9am session in the school holidays.

Kids love trampolines! Not only are they fun, but when used regularly, studies have shown that bouncing on trampolines offers many physical and educational benefits for kids. Some benefits include; develops motor skills, teaches persistence and Improves self-esteem.

Sessions run every hour on the hour. We recommend booking online as sessions can book out. Have a superb coffee while the lovely staff play and bounce with the kids.