Want happier, healthier students? 

Learn the basics of trampolining in a safe environment. 

Uptown Bounce is the perfect facility for Education outside the classroom or as a reward for your hard working students. Trampolining is one of the most effective forms of exercise you can do. Benefits include; cardiovascular fitness, improving co-ordination and boosting mental health.  

Personal health and physical development - NASA state that bouncing is the most effective form of physical exercise known to mankind, removing 80% of stress on joints and ligaments while providing a fast track to cardio fitness

Movement concepts and motor skills - bouncing develops motor skills, understanding of movement and because it is FUN it develops an extremely positive attitude towards physical activity

Relationships with other people - bouncing enhances spacial awareness, co operation, a sense of fun together, and the importance of looking out for each other

Healthy communities and environments - Simple activities such as dodge ball teach children the importance of teamwork. Bouncing together enhances social development, increases self responsibility and respect for each others safety.

An Uptown Bounce Squad member will take students through team bonding exercises, and competition games. Students will learn to work together as one unit, gain trust, and exercise safe play. 

Uptown Bounce is willing to work with your school to make sure the program works for you financially.

1 hour session = $10 per student. $3 Uptown Bounce safety socks.

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Fundraising at Uptown Bounce

Uptown Bounce supports our local schools seeking to raise funds for their organisation. Let us host your next fundraiser and earn your organisation money through our give back  program. We offer a healthier option of fundraising rather than your traditional sausage sizzle or chocolate selling.

The Uptown Bounce Give Back Program offers a discounted rate for ticket sales to local organisations that bring their group in. You choose how much to on sale your tickets for and you keep the difference. All you have to do is arrange your day and time with us and invite your guests!